MVC Viewer: Evolution

31 March, 2015 (12:04) | News | By: Andrew

Time remains very little. From day to day we will release version 2015.1 of Stimulsoft Reports. And while our departments are putting the finishing touches, we will reveal to you the secrets of the StiMvcViewer component. In the release 2015.1, this component will support interactive reports. Now you can easily create reports with collapsing and interactive sorting.

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Using StiMvcDesigner

24 March, 2015 (04:47) | Videos | By: Andrew

Viewer MVC – new look

6 March, 2015 (12:01) | Articles | By: Andrew

Time is running very fast, and there is a couple of weeks before the release of the new version 2015.1. Meanwhile, the development and improvement of components is not stopping even for a minute. And now it is safe to tell you about adding new features in StiMvcViewer that is a part of Stimulsoft Reports.Web. One of the most anticipated features is that in the nearest release, the new Viewer for MVC will support more than 15 color themes of the user interface. This will give you the opportunity to choose color preferences which are the most pleasant to you and matching your requirements. Here are a few of the themes on the picture below.

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Viewer for MVC - at full speed

27 February, 2015 (13:49) | News | By: Andrew

For us, constant improvement of products is not just moving forward. This is primarily, understanding of our own mistakes, correcting them, implementing new technologies and optimizing the existing things. In the official release 2015.1 one of the components that will make you happy will be the report viewer – StiMvcViewer. This component is a part of Stimulsoft Reports.Web.

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Blog 2.0. Restart.

20 February, 2015 (13:48) | News | By: Andrew

The year 2015 has come. So have come changes in the organization of our blog. We are pleased to introduce you to the Blog 2.0. The appearance of our blog has not been modified, but the algorithm of placing articles, news, reviews will be improved. Now we are closer to you, and you are now the chief editors and ideologists of the blog. This is all we need to make it interesting to read and find here the information that is really useful.

We certainly have a plan for publishing articles and we want to share it with you. We plan to restart the blog with publishing a series of articles on creating report templates, designing them and exporting. We will start our journey from data source connections and end it with creating complex hierarchical interactive reports. We will look into the relationships between bands and components; thoroughly review the basic tools for designing and viewing; study visual the report component – Charts. So, step by step you will learn with us how to create good and optimized report templates.

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What's New Announcement: Designer V.2

28 November, 2014 (13:19) | Articles | By: Markus

Reports Designer.Wpf V.2 is the brand new, written from scratch, report designer to work on the platform Windows Presentation Foundation.

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What's New Announcement: Redesigned Editing Forms for Components

27 November, 2014 (13:59) | Articles | By: Markus

In the version 2014.3 of Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft Reports.Fx we have reworked lots of forms of editing components. This was done to make work with our products easy and convenient.

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What's New Announcement: New Video Lessons

26 November, 2014 (13:23) | Articles | By: Markus

On our website and the official YouTube channel we uploaded 22 new videos on Stimulsoft Reports Server.

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What's New Announcement: Report Checker For Expressions

26 November, 2014 (13:21) | Articles | By: Markus

We have added the new function to check expressions in the utility Report Checker.

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What's New Announcement: Restrict Editing When Exporting in Excel

26 November, 2014 (07:11) | Articles | By: Markus

Microsoft Excel by default allows you to edit any fields in the file.

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