Stimulsoft Reports: Something you should know about exporting reports to Excel

22 September, 2014 (10:32) | Articles | By: Markus

Sometimes two issues may occur when exporting a report to Excel:

1. The line spacing in the multiline text is larger than in the preview. As a result, the last line of a text can be partially cut off.

2. The text does not fit the width of a cell, although, in the preview, it fits the width. As a result, the last word is wrapped to the next line.

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What's New Announcement: Sub-Report Editor

18 September, 2014 (13:18) | News | By: Markus

In Stimulsoft Reports 2014.2 will be improved the component Sub-report.

The content of the sub-report can be placed on a separate page of the main report or in the external report. In earlier versions the user could connect the external report only from the code of a user application. For this you should set the sub-report property Use The External Report to true and, in the user code, subscribe on the event GetSubReport, in which the needed external report will be loaded. See an example of such code:

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What's New Announcement: Chart Editor

10 September, 2014 (12:45) | News | By: Andrew

At the end of September this year Stimulsoft company will release the new versions of reporting tools – 2014.2. One of important changes is a complete chart editor in the report designer for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC (version HTML5). It is an absolutely new chart editor.

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Changes of System Requirements

9 September, 2014 (11:40) | Articles | By: Andrew

Stimulsoft company announces the changes in system requirements to the software. Starting with the official release of Stimulsoft Reports 2014.2 it will be necessary to have minimum .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

For working with Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight it is required to have installed Silverlight 5.

Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT will support Framework Apps for Windows 8.1.

ASP.NET 4 or ASP.NET MVC 4 is the minimal requirement for working with the product Stimulsoft Reports.Web.

When you want to use earlier versions of development platforms and frameworks, then the previous version of our software – Stimulsoft Reports 2014.1 is available for download on our website.

It worth remembering that when you need to use the reports for .NET Framework 1.1, you can use the Stimulsoft Reports 2008.1, that is available for download on our web site and supports .NET Framework 1.1.

First Running of Designer Fx and Viewer Fx for Java

15 July, 2014 (13:02) | Articles | By: Andrew

Stimulsoft Reports Server

14 July, 2014 (07:58) | Articles | By: Andrew

Some Helpful Hints from Stimulsoft

12 July, 2014 (14:00) | Articles | By: Andrew

In June and July this year the whole world turned into a colorful sea of football fans. World Cup in Brazil is an impressive, grandiose, and the most discussed event. No matter whom you do support, whether your favorite team win or not (although, it is certainly better if they do) – we believe that football has made people a little happier this summer. While the audience (and we are among them) anticipating the football madness of matches for the third place and the final we wrote for you some useful hints. They will help you to simplify the work with our reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports.

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If you want to change the world… start with yourself

23 May, 2014 (09:35) | Articles | By: Markus

Mahatma Gandhi said one day: “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world”. Hackneyed phrase, but definitely true.

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Issues with Flash Player

16 May, 2014 (14:15) | Articles | By: Markus

Several users of Stimulsoft Reports requested technical support due to the fact that after updating Adobe Flash Player some issues occurred with our product.

The fact is that changes in the algorithm of the working with HTTP-requests made in the new version of Adobe Flash Player made it impossible to save reports in our WebViewerFx and WebDesigner components.
There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. Update your current version of Stimulsoft Reports Product to version 2014.1;

2. Install a previous version of Adobe Flash Player.

Working with OData Using Business Objects

12 May, 2014 (10:54) | Articles | By: Markus

The protocol Open Data (OData) is used to access from different sources, including relational databases, file systems, content management systems and ordinary web sites. OData realizes the CRUD conception (Create, Read, Update, Delete) in relation to data.

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